Getting Started with NI LabVIEW Remote Development

Thank you for using NI LabVIEW Remote Development for Windows Embedded Standard. Please read this document to familiarize yourself with NI LabVIEW Remote Development.

Remote Development Setup and Terms

Terms System Setup Diagram
  1. Host computer—The computer installed with the LabVIEW Development System and used to connect to the target device.
  2. Network connection—Ethernet network connection between the host computer and target device.
  3. Target device—The device running the Windows Embedded Standard operating system, installed with LabVIEW Remote Development Target Support, and connected to the host computer.

Enabling LabVIEW Remote Development on the Target

Complete the following steps to enable LabVIEW Remote Development on the target. You must restart and log into the target for changes to take effect.

Note  By default, LabVIEW Remote Development is enabled if you manually install LabVIEW Remote Development Target Support. If the target comes pre-installed with LabVIEW Remote Development Target Support, you must complete the following steps.
  1. Right-click the NI MAX icon on the desktop and select Run as administrator.
  2. Select My System in the configuration tree if it is not selected.
  3. On the Settings page, ensure that LabVIEW Remote Development in the Remote Development Settings section contains a checkmark.
    Note  Ensure that the Run-Time Engine Version matches the version and bitness of the LabVIEW Development System on the host computer.
  4. Ensure the Startup Type in the RIO Service Settings section specifies Automatic to use FPGA on the target.
  5. Click Save and restart the target. You must log into the target for changes to take effect.

The target is now enabled for remote development. Refer to the Fundamentals»Working with Projects and Targets»Concepts»Working with Windows Embedded Standard Targets topic on the Contents tab of the LabVIEW Help for more information about developing applications on Windows Embedded Standard targets.

Troubleshooting Guide

Use the following table to find solutions when using LabVIEW Remote Development and developing applications on a Windows Embedded Standard target.

Issue Solution
I cannot discover my target in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) on the host computer. On the host computer, MAX does not support discovering Windows Embedded Standard targets.
I cannot discover the target in the LabVIEW Development System using the Add Targets and Devices dialog box. Ensure that the target meets the requirements necessary to discover a device for remote development:

Related Documentation

Refer to the NI LabVIEW Remote Development Target Support Readme for more information about LabVIEW Remote Development Target Support, including system requirements, installation instructions, troubleshooting, known issues, and documentation resources.

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