NI-488.2 3.1アップデートの詳細

使用ソフトウェア: Driver Software>>NI-488.2
使用ソフトウェア・バージョン: 3.1
使用ソフトウェア・バージョンに特化: N/A
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NI-488.2 3.1アップデートに含まれている修正

このアップデートにより以下の6つの問題が解決されるため、インストール済みのすべてのNI-488.2に適用することを強くお勧めします。また、Windows 8のサポートも追加されます。

NI-488.2 3.1アップデートで解決された問題
ID 説明
351266 NI-488.2 for Windows, Version 3.1, adds support for direct entry into ni4882.dll. Previously there was only support for gpib-32.dll.
311091 In certain PXI Express chassis, the performance of GPIB writes through PXI-GPIB interfaces is very slow. This has been fixed.
370676 When disconnecting a USB hub with GPIB hardware connected, the GPIB hardware will not be properly removed from the system. This will prevent the use of the device until the system is rebooted. During the following reboot or shutdown, a blue screen error may occur. This has been fixed.
371371 When disconnecting a USB hub shortly after connecting a GPIB-USB-HS to the hub, a blue screen error may occur immediately. This has been fixed.
144103 Removing PCMCIA-GPIB interfaces while Windows is hibernated or suspended causes blue screen error during resume. This has been fixed.
122048 GPIB interface remains in locked state after the locking process is terminated unexpectedly. This generates an ELCK error on subsequent attempts to open the interface. This problem impacted all USB based GPIB interfaces. This has been fixed.


ドライバと更新: NI-488.2 3.1


報告日時: 11/13/2012
最終更新日: 11/13/2012
ドキュメントID: 62SDE6W5