NI-488.2 3.1.2 업데이트 세부사항

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최신 버전의 NI-488.2에서 발표된 개선 사항 및 버그 수정 사항은 무엇입니까?


개선 사항과 버그 수정

NI-488.2 3.1.2

이 릴리즈에서는 MAX의 안정성에 영향을 미치는 여러 가지 문제를 수정하였습니다.




An exception could be reported by the System Configuration API when initializing the ni4882 plugin if the NI Configuration Manager service is not running. This could result in a crash of any application using the System Configuration API or be reported as unhandled exceptions in niGPIBsys.dll when using MAX.


Several issues have been resolved when scanning for instruments in MAX. These issues may have caused MAX to crash or the discovered GPIB instruments to be displayed incorrectly.

NI-488.2 3.1.1

이 릴리즈에서는 Windows 8에 대한 지원을 개선하였습니다.

NI-488.2 3.1

이 릴리즈에서는 Windows 8에 대한 지원을 추가하고, 다음 문제를 수정하였습니다.





NI-488.2 for Windows, Version 3.1, adds support for direct entry into ni4882.dll. Previously there was only support for gpib-32.dll.


In certain PXI Express chassis, the performance of GPIB writes through PXI-GPIB interfaces is very slow. This has been fixed.


When disconnecting a USB hub with GPIB hardware connected, the GPIB hardware will not be properly removed from the system. This will prevent the use of the device until the system is rebooted. During the following reboot or shutdown, a blue screen error may occur. This has been fixed.


When disconnecting a USB hub shortly after connecting a GPIB-USB-HS to the hub, a blue screen error may occur immediately. This has been fixed.


Removing PCMCIA-GPIB interfaces while Windows is hibernated or suspended causes blue screen error during resume. This has been fixed.


GPIB interface remains in locked state after the locking process is terminated unexpectedly. This generates an ELCK error on subsequent attempts to open the interface. This problem impacted all USB based GPIB interfaces. This has been fixed.

가장 최신 버전의 NI-488.2는 업데이트 서비스 또는 아래의 드라이버 및 업데이트 링크에서 다운로드할 수 있습니다.

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