National Instruments的時脈晶片有何不同?

硬體: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)

問題: 我想比較三種不同的計數器晶片的差別National Instruments: AM9513, DAQ-STC, 及 NI-TIO

BOARD 6602 6601 E-SERIES PC-TIO-10
Channels 8 4 2 10
Resolution 32-bits 32-bits 24-bits 16-bits
Timebases 80 MHz, 20 MHz, 100 kHz 20 MHz, 100 kHz 20 MHz, 100 kHz 5 MHz, 1 MHz, 100 kHz, 10 kHz, 1 kHz, 100 Hz
prescalers X8, X2, none X8, X2, none none none
Max Freq w/ prescalers 80 MHz 125 MHz 20 MHz 60 MHz 20 MHz N/A 7 MHz N/A
DIO up to 32 bits up to 32 bits 8 bits 16 bits
DMA 3 channels 1 channel 3 channels None
RTSI Yes Yes Yes No
Updown counter Yes Yes Yes No
Encoders support Yes Yes with external IC No
Debounce Filters Yes Yes No No
Two Signal Edge Separation Yes Yes No No
Start Trigger (hardware arm) Yes Yes No No
Simulataneous Counter Arm Yes Yes No Yes (upto 5)
Continuous Buffered Input Yes Yes Yes No Buffered Input
Dynamic Pulse Train Freq Change Yes Yes Yes No
New LV layer Yes Yes Yes No
Old LV layer Not recommended Not recommended Yes Yes




NI Counter Comparison.doc - NI Counter Comparison.doc

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