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Archived: Why Do Certain Dell, Gateway, and Micron Computers Hang on Boot-up If a PCI-GPIB Board Is Installed?

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

Hardware: GPIB>>Plug-in Controllers>>PCI-GPIB

Why does my Dell Dimension 4100 (or Gateway or Micron computer) hang during boot-up if I have my PCI-GPIB board installed? Why does the computer boot correctly if I remove the PCI-GPIB board?

The problem exists in the BIOS on these machines. The BIOS attempts to execute code on the PCI-GPIB board's expanded ROM, which is meant for Sun and Macintosh platforms only. An x86 platform machine should not attempt to execute this code. All of these machines share the same Intel D815EEA motherboard.

Dell, Micron, Gateway, and Intel have released the fixed versions of their BIOS. Please contact the appropriate vendor for a BIOS upgrade:

  • For Dell, update your BIOS to version A05 or later (4100_A05.exe, available through Dell FTP site linked below.)

  • For Intel, update your BIOS to version P05 or later.

  • For Micron, update your BIOS to version P08 or later.

  • For Gateway, update your BIOS to version P06 or later.
Note: It is very important that you contact the motherboard manufacturer before running any BIOS updates to ensure that you are using the correct update for your BIOS. Some motherboards use the Intel 815 chipset and are not the boards listed above. Upgrading is possible if your motherboard is built with the Intel chip, but the BIOS update files are designed for a different motherboard configuration, so the information and files included on these pages may not work with your hardware.

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Report Date: 09/12/2000
Last Updated: 10/28/2005
Document ID: 21BA19EC

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