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How Does NI Security Update 67L8IQQW for NI Help Links Affect Me?

Primary Software: NI Installers>>Installer Framework
Primary Software Version: 1.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

My system requires NI Security Update 67L8IQQW. What actions should I take to eliminate the security vulnerability?

- OR -

Why do I see an error dialog, such as one of the following, when I click on a link in NI help or open an NI .chm help file?

HelpAsst.dll error
HelpAsst.dll error
Failed to launch taskconfig.chm

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A security vulnerability exists in the help for multiple NI software products. NI Security Update 67L8IQQW eliminates the vulnerability. This update is recommended for all systems with NI software installed.

Updating Your System and Deployed Systems
NI Security Update 67L8IQQW is bundled in the NI General Security Patch Q2 2013 along with updates for other common NI ActiveX components. Refer to How Does NI Security Update 67L8K7QW (NI General Security Patch Q2 2013) Affect Me? for more information.

NI Help Not Working
Some NI help links or .chm files might not work if your system does not have NI Security Update 67L8IQQW installed. To re-enable the NI help links, install NI Security Update 67L8KSQW.

A security vulnerability exists in several NI ActiveX components installed with National Instruments software products on Microsoft Windows operating systems. These components are vulnerable to attacks through Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Refer to Software vulnerability NI-64BG6SWQ-3 for NI Help Links for more information.

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Report Date: 03/22/2013
Last Updated: 08/26/2013
Document ID: 67L8IQQW

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