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Low-Profile, Half-Height, or Half-Length PCI-GPIB Boards

Hardware: GPIB>>Plug-in Controllers>>PCI-GPIB

Is there a Low-Profile, Half-Height, or Half-Length PCI-GPIB board available that would fit in newer machines which require a smaller version of the PCI board?

The PCI-GPIB/LP board is designed to fit in Low-Profile machines. Its functionality is identical to that of a PCI-GPIB board. It uses the same software as the PCI-GPIB and is supported under the same Operating Systems as the PCI-GPIB. It uses a special, X13 GPIB cable that converts between the micro-DSub connector of the PCI-GPIB/LP and the regular sized GPIB connector.

This board is also capable of operating on 3.3 V and 5 V PCI busses.

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Report Date: 03/19/2001
Last Updated: 01/23/2014
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