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How Do I Use the DAQmx Export Signal to Share Counter Pulses over the RTSI Bus?

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Primary Software Version: 7.1
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I am generating a pulse train from one of my counters on my data acquisition device. I would like to share this pulse train with my other counters on the same device and other devices in the same machine. How can I accomplish this?

You can export signals to PFI and RTSI lines with the DAQmx Export Signal VI. If you export a signal to a RTSI line, the signal can be shared with other devices across the RTSI bus. When working with counters, the exported signal can be shared with the source or gate of any counter connected to the RTSI bus.

For more information, please see the example program below. The LabVIEW VI creates a pulse train using counter 0 and then exports this signal onto the RTSI1 line. Counter 1 is then used to measure the frequency of the signal using RTSI1 as its corresponding physical channel.

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Report Date: 02/09/2004
Last Updated: 08/13/2014
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