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Building Stand-Alone Executables With Database Connectivity Toolkit VIs

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How do I build stand-alone LabVIEW executables that use Database Connectivity Toolset VIs?

In addition to the normal steps for building LabVIEW executables, you must include several support files in the build for your stand-alone database connectivity application to function properly. Fortunately, a pre-generated build script is included in the toolset to assist in building the application. Complete the following steps to build the application:
  1. In a new VI, select Tools » Build Application or Shared Library (DLL)

  2. Click Load

  3. Navigate to labview\database\database application template.bld

  4. Click the Source Files tab to view the files included in your build. Most importantly, you will see mdac_typ.exe. This is the MDAC 2.5 installer

  5. Click Add Top-Level VI and select the appropriate file

  6. Go the Installer Settings tab, then click Advanced. Notice that mdac_typ.exe is automatically run when you install your application

  7. Select the Target tab and select you application’s destination

  8. Click Build

The application is now ready to be distributed to the target computer. For additional information on including Data Links and DSNs in your application, please refer to Chapter 6 of the Database Connectivity Toolset User Manual (linked below).

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Report Date: 12/20/2002
Last Updated: 08/16/2007
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