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Why Is NI License Manager Detected by My Firewall?

Primary Software: NI License Manager
Primary Software Version: 2.1.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

My personal firewall software keeps detecting that the NI License Manager server (lmgrd.exe and nilm.exe) needs internet access. Why does the License Manager need this access?

If you want to use National Instruments applications or software features that require licensing, such as remote front panels in LabVIEW, the license server must be running because those features are explicitly licensed through the NI License Manager.

If you also run personal firewall software on your computer, you must configure the firewall so the programs nilm.exe, lmgrd.exe, and lmreread.exe can have access to TCP/IP. These programs do not communicate across the network; they only communicate with each other within the scope of your local computer.

Note: If you are using FLEXnet to manage your license you will also need to allow lmdown.exe to have TCP/IP access.

If you do not use any National Instruments applications or software features that require licensing, you can stop the License Manager from loading when you start your computer. Refer to KnowledgeBase 2I7AAM2L in the Related Links section for steps on how to do this.

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Report Date: 02/08/2002
Last Updated: 09/09/2015
Document ID: 2I7ACJ2L

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