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Why are Real-Time Utilities VIs Missing in LabVIEW Real-Time 8.x and Later?

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 8.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I had previously been using VIs in LabVIEW Real-Time 7.1 under Real-Time Utilities palette such as the RT Debug String VI. After I upgraded to LabVIEW Real-Time 8.x, all of these VIs except for RT Reboot Controller VI and RT Ping Controllers VI are now missing (see the following figure).

Have these utility VIs been removed from version 8.x?

LabVIEW 8.X to LabVIEW 2011 SP1:
No, these VIs still exist in LabVIEW Real-Time 8.x. They will only appear when your VI's execution target is set to a real-time controller. Use the Project Explorer to add your real-time target, and then move your VI under this new target as done in the following figure:

For more help on adding your real-time target and VI in your LabVIEW 8.x Project Explorer, see Product Manuals: Getting Started with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.

LabVIEW 2012 and later:
The Real-Time Utilities have been deprecated. The System Configuration VIs have replaced the Real- Time Utilities VIs. The figures below show the RT Utilities and System Configuration section of the Functions Palette.

For more information on the System Configuration VIs, see Why am I Missing VIs From the Real-Time Utilities Palette?

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Report Date: 04/05/2006
Last Updated: 07/17/2013
Document ID: 3W4862AA

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