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Generate Frequencies Under 38.147 Hz in Standard Waveform Mode with PXI-5422

Hardware: Signal Sources (AWG/FG/AO)>>Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generators>>PCI-5422

I'm trying to generate a frequency below 38.147 Hz on a PXI-5422 in Standard Waveform Mode (as opposed to Arbitrary Waveform or Arbitrary Sequence Mode) or using the FGEN Soft Front Panel.  I receive Error -1074135039 occurred at niFgen Initiate or the FGEN Soft Front Panel will only adjust down to 38.147 Hz.

Figure 1:  Error -1074135039 Dialog Window

Figure 2: FGEN Soft Front Panel Display

The PXI-5422 runs in Standard Waveform Mode when configured via NI-FGEN or FGEN Soft Front Panel.  In this mode the default buffer size is 131072.  This causes problems at small frequencies when the standard wave form on board cannot be scaled properly in the given number of samples.

Figure 3: Minimum Generatable Frequency Math

This can be resolved by increasing the buffer size appropriately with the Maximum Buffer SIze Property node.  Additionally an example of how to do this can be found below in the related links section.

Figure 4: Maximum Buffer Size Property Node

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Report Date: 04/14/2010
Last Updated: 10/05/2017
Document ID: 58DAUMJ8

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