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What Xilinx FPGA Chips Are Used by National Instruments RIO Devices?

Hardware: CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9101, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9102, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9103, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9104, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PXI-7813R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PCI-7830R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PCI-7831R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PCI-7833R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PXI-7811R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PXI-7830R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PXI-7833R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PCI-7813R, Reconfigurable I/O (RIO)>>R Series>>PXI-7831R, CompactRIO>>Controllers>>cRIO-9074, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9074, CompactRIO>>Controllers>>cRIO-9072, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9072

What Xilinx FPGA chips are used by National Instruments RIO devices?


NI RIO Device

Xilinx FPGA

PXI-7841R Virtex-5,  LX30
PXI-7851R Virtex-5,  LX30
PXI-7951R Virtex-5,  LX30
PCIe-7841R Virtex-5,  LX30
PCIe-7851R Virtex-5,  LX30
CompactRIO 9111 Virtex-5,  LX30
CompactRIO 9112 Virtex-5,  LX30
PXI-7842R Virtex-5,  LX50
PXI-7852R Virtex-5,  LX50
PXI-7952R Virtex-5,  LX50
PCIe-7842R Virtex-5,  LX50
PCIe-7852R Virtex-5,  LX50
CompactRIO 9113 Virtex-5,  LX50
CompactRIO 9114 Virtex-5,  LX50
NI 9154
Virtex-5,  LX50
PCIe-1473R Virtex-5,  LX50
PXI-7853R Virtex-5,  LX85
PXI-7953R Virtex-5,  LX85
CompactRIO 9116 Virtex-5,  LX85
NI 9155 Virtex-5,  LX85
NI 9157 Virtex-5,  LX85
TXI-7854R Virtex-5,  LX110
PXI-7954R Virtex-5,  LX110
CompactRIO 9118 Virtex-5,  LX110
NI 9159 Virtex-5,  LX110
NI 1473R-LX110 Virtex-5,  LX110
PXIe-7961R Virtex-5,  SX50T
PXIe-7962R Virtex-5,  SX50T
PXIe-7965R Virtex-5,  SX95T
PXIe-7966R Virtex-5,  SX95T
PXIe-5641R Virtex-5,  SX95T
PXIe-5644R Virtex-6 LX195T
PXIe-5645R Virtex-6 LX195T
PXIe-5646R Virtex-6 LX240T
PXIe-5840R Virtex-7 VX690T
PCI/PXI-7811R Virtex-II, V1000
PCI/PXI-7830R Virtex-II, V1000
PCI/PXI-7831R Virtex-II, V1000
CompactRIO 9101 Virtex-II, XC2V1000
CompactRIO 9102 Virtex-II, XC2V1000
PCI/PXI-7813R Virtex-II, V3000
PCI/PXI-7833R Virtex-II, V3000
CompactRIO 9103 Virtex-II, XC2V3000
CompactRIO 9104 Virtex-II, XC2V3000
PCI-5640R Virtex-II Pro P30, XC2VP30
CompactRIO 9072 Spartan 3, XC3S1000
Single-Board RIO 9601 Spartan 3, XC3S1000
Single-Board RIO 9611 Spartan 3, XC3S1000
Single-Board RIO 9631 Spartan 3, XC3S1000
Single-Board RIO 9641 Spartan 3, XC3S1000
CompactRIO 9073 Spartan 3, 2 Million Gate
CompactRIO 9074 Spartan 3, 2 Million Gate
NI 9144 Spartan 3, 2 Million Gate
NI 9145 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
NI 9148 Spartan 3, 2 Million Gate
Single-Board RIO 9602 Spartan 3, XC3S2000
Single-Board RIO 9612 Spartan 3, XC3S2000
Single-Board RIO 9632 Spartan 3, XC3S2000
Single-Board RIO 9642 Spartan 3, XC3S2000
CompactRIO FRC
Spartan 3, 2 Million Gate
Digital Electronics FPGA Board
Spartan 3E, 500K Gate
NI 8237R Spartan 6, LX16
CompactRIO 9075 Spartan 6, LX 25
Single-Board RIO 9605 Spartan 6, LX 25
Single-Board RIO 9623 Spartan 6, LX 25
Single-Board RIO 9633 Spartan 6, LX 25
NI 9146 Spartan 6, LX 45
CompactRIO FRC II Spartan 6, LX 45
CompactRIO 9076 Spartan 6, LX 45
Single-Board RIO 9606 Spartan 6, LX 45
Single-Board RIO 9626 Spartan 6, LX 45
Single-Board RIO 9636 Spartan 6, LX 45
CompactRIO 9081 Spartan 6, LX 75
CompactRIO 9082 Spartan 6, LX 150
CompactRIO 9063 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9064 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9065 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9066 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9067 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9068 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
NI 9147 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
NI 9149 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
sbRIO-9651 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
sbRIO-9607 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
sbRIo-96 Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
myRIO 1900 Zynq-7000, XC7Z010
myRIO 1950 Zynq-7000, XC7Z010
roboRIO Zynq-7000, XC7Z020
CompactRIO 9030 Kintex-7, XC7K70T
CompactRIO 9031 Kintex-7, XC7K70T
CompactRIO 9035 Kintex-7, XC7K70T
CompactRIO 9036 Kintex-7, XC7K70T
USB-7855R Kintex-7, XC7K70T
USB-7855R OEM Kintex-7, XC7K70T
USB-7845R Kintex-7, XC7K70T
USB-7845R OEM Kintex-7, XC7K70T
CompactRIO 9032 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
CompactRIO 9033 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
USB-7856R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
USB-7856R OEM Kintex-7, XC7K160T
USB-7846R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
USB-7846R OEM Kintex-7, XC7K160T
IC-3171 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
IC-3172 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
IC-3173 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PCIe-7820R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PCIe-7821R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7820R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7821R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7846R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7847R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7856R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7857R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
PXIe-7867R Kintex-7, XC7K160T
CompactRIO 9037 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
CompactRIO 9038 Kintex-7, XC7K160T
CompactRIO 9039 Kintex-7, XC7K325T
CompactRIO 9034 Kintex-7, XC7K325T
PCIe-7822R Kintex-7, XC7K325T
PXIe-7822R Kintex-7, XC7K325T
PXIe-7858R Kintex-7, XC7K325T
PXIe-7868R Kintex-7, XC7K325T
PXIe-7975R Kintex-7, XC7K410T

Specific information about these chips can be found on the Xilinx web site. However, all relevant information for the use of these NI devices can be found on, and the specifications are linked below.

For most R-Series, FlexRIO, and Reconfigurable Oscilloscope devices, one can find detailed FPGA information such as Speed Grade and FPGA package by adding the device to a LabVIEW project, right clicking the device, and choosing Properties.

To determine which version of the Xilinx FPGA Compilation tools you should install for your target, refer to the LabVIEW FPGA Module Release and Upgrade Notes for your installed LabVIEW version. You can also use KnowledgeBase 73AI806R: Which Xilinx Compile Tools Do I Need to Compile My FPGA Code? to determine which version of the Compilation tools you need.

Some Legacy versions of cRIO controllers (such as the 900x, 901x, and 902x) do not have an FPGA on board. Rather, the backplane to which it mates (such as the 910x and 911x) contains the FPGA.

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