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NI Switch Error Codes

Hardware: Switches

My application returned an error from one of my NI-SWITCH subVIs and the LabVIEW Help»Explain Error states:

" Error ########## occurred at an unidentified location

This error code is undefined. Undefined errors might occur for a number of reasons. For example, no one has provided a description for the code, or you might have wired a number that is not an error code to the error code input.

Additionally, undefined error codes might occur because the error relates to a third-party object, such as the operating system or ActiveX. For these third-party errors, you might be able to obtain a description of the error by searching the Web for the error code (##########) or for its hexadecimal representation (0x########).

What does the error mean?

The following is a list of NI-SWITCH and IVI error codes and their corresponding description.

NI-SWITCH Error Codes

Error CodeHexadecimal CodeDescription
-10741186550xBFFA4001 Another process has already opened a session to this switch module.
-10741186540xBFFA4002 Invalid resource name.
-10741186530xBFFA4003 You have set an attribute or called a function that is only used for scanning, and this switch module does not support scanning (or this module does not support scanning in the current topology).
-10741186520xBFFA4004You have indicated that a non-cabled module should get its trigger from the rear connector, and the niSwitch software could not automatically detect which cabled module to route the trigger from. Be more specific (ie, specify Rear Connector of Module X).
-10741186510xBFFA4005 The scan list commands exceeds the size of memory on the switch module.
-10741186500xBFFA4006 Error communicating with hardware. Internal timeout occurred waiting for hardware response.
-10741186490xBFFA4007 Expecting trigger or scan advanced bus to be one of the TTL lines (ttl0-ttl7).
-10741186480xBFFA4008 This module requires scan mode to be Break Before Make.
-10741186470xBFFA4009 TTL 1 conflict detected. SCXI 1127 modules constantly use the TTL 1 line. Use a different line, or power down the chassis and remove all 1127 modules from it.
-10741186450xBFFA400B The driver setup string is invalid.
-10741186440xBFFA400C No legacy device supports the specified topology. Use a different topology, or configure the device under DAQmx and use the DAQmx resource descriptor.
-10741186430xBFFA400D The specified topology string is invalid.
-10741186420xBFFA400E The device was unexpectedly power cycled. Close and re-open the session.
-10741186410xBFFA400F The values for Handshaking Initiation and Trigger Input are incompatible. An Immediate Trigger Input is not compatible with Measurement Device Initiated (or DMM Initiated) Handshaking Initiation.
-10741186400xBFFA4010 A legacy resource descriptor was specified, but the driver setup string specifies a DAQmx resource type.
-10741186390xBFFA4011 A DAQmx resource descriptor was specified, but the driver setup string specifies a Legacy resource type.
-10741186380xBFFA4012 Model code specified in the driver setup string is ambiguous. Multiple switches match the specified model code.
-10741186370xBFFA4013 The trigger input specified is not supported by the device.
-10741186360xBFFA4014 The configured terminal block is invalid for current topology.
-10741186350xBFFA4015 Signal cannot be inverted when the signal source equals the destination.
-10741186340xBFFA4016 Requested trigger route cannot be made because a conflicting trigger route already exists.
-10741186330xBFFA4017 This device does not support the specified value for this attribute or operation.
-10741186320xBFFA4018Trigger input polarity and scan advanced output polarity must be the same on this particular switch device.

IVI Switch Error Codes

Error CodeHexadecimal CodeDescription
-10741309430xBFFA1001The trigger source is not software trigger.
10733568010x3FFA2001Some connections remain after disconnecting.
10733568020x3FFA2002The channels are implicitly connected.
-10741268470xBFFA2001Invalid path string.
-10741268460xBFFA2002Invalid Scan List string.
-10741268450xBFFA2003One of the channels is a configuration channel that is in use or is a common multiplexer channel that is in use.
-10741268440xBFFA2004The scan list string is empty.
-10741268430xBFFA2005The path string is empty.
-10741268420xBFFA2006The switch module is currently in scanning mode, and the operation cannot be performed at this time.
-10741268410xBFFA2007The switch module is not currently in scanning mode, and the operation cannot be performed at this time.
-10741268400xBFFA2008No explicit path exists between the two channels.
-10741268390xBFFA2009You cannot make an explicit connection to a configuration channel.
-10741268380xBFFA200AOne of the non-terminal channels in the path is not a configuration channel.
-10741268370xBFFA200BYou cannot make a connection between two different sources.
-10741268360xBFFA200CAn explicit connection between the channels already exists.
-10741268350xBFFA200DA leg in the path does not begin with a channel name.
-10741268340xBFFA200EA leg in the path is missing the second channel.
-10741268330xBFFA200FThe first and second channels in the leg are the same.
-10741268320xBFFA2010A channel name is duplicated in the path string.
-10741268310xBFFA2011No path was found between the two channels.
-10741268300xBFFA2012The first channel of a leg in the path is not the same as the second channel in the previous leg.
-10741268290xBFFA2013The path contains a leg with two channels that cannot be directly connected.
-10741268280xBFFA2014A leg in the path contains two channels that are already directly connected.
-10741268270xBFFA2015A channel cannot be connected to itself.
-10741268260xBFFA2016Maximum time exceeded before the operation completed.

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