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What is the Pinout for the x8 Connector on My NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable?

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I need to manually connect the colored wires at the x8 end of my NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable to the x8 combicon on my Kollmorgen AKD Drive. What pin numbers on my x8 combicon do each of the colored wires connect to?

Sometimes, the x8 connectors on the NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable are in an over-molded connector, in which case wiring is not a concern. If you need to manually wire the 10 colored wires at the x8 end to the x8 combicon on your Kollmorgen AKD Drive, follow the table below.

NOTE: These connections are different for the NI UMI to AKD Drive Cables and NI 9512 to AKD Drive Cable. 

x8 Combicon Pin Number Wire Color Pin Assignment
1 Yellow Fault
2 Orange Fault
3 Blue DGND
4 Brown ENABLE
5 No Connect Digital IN6 (NSTOP)
6 No Connect Digital IN5 (PSTOP)
7 Black AGND
8 No Connect Analog Out  +
9 Gray Analog In  -
10 Red Analog In  -

For further reference, the wiring diagram for the x8 connector on the Kollmorgen AKD Drive is found below.

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