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GPIB Register-Level Programming

Hardware: GPIB>>ASICs/OEM Products>>NAT4882, GPIB>>ASICs/OEM Products>>TNT4882, GPIB>>ASICs/OEM Products>>NAT7210, GPIB>>ASICs/OEM Products>>NAT9914

I have a National Instruments GPIB chip and am trying to do register level programming. Where can I find resources for this?

GPIB Register-Level Programming Policy
National Instruments provides technical support for developing NI-488 compatible drivers using the NI-488DDK. National Instruments also provides technical support for developing applications that use these drivers. However, National Instruments cannot provide technical support for changes to, or additions to the functionality of the NI-488 layer. For Operating System (OS) specific questions, please contact the OS vendor. 
If you have register-level programming questions regarding the implementation of a design using the TNT4882T/L (Talker/Listener), NAT9914, NAT7210, or NAT4882 GPIB ASICs, then National Instruments can provide technical support via e-mail; however, this support is not intended to design an instrument for you, but is intended to solve specific problems that you encounter while implementing a design.

The following is a list of GPIB Register-Level Programming Resources

Data Sheets
370595-01 TNT5002 Data Sheet
188514A-01 PCI-GPIB/TNT5002 Schematic
340570-01 TNT4882 Data Sheet
340497-01 NAT9914 Data Sheet
340488-01 NAT7210 Data Sheet
340495-01 NAT4882 Data Sheet
3UED19V4 RoHS Information Addendum for all ASIC Data Sheets

Register-Level Programming Manuals
370595-01 TNT5002 Technical Reference Manual
320724-01 TNT4882 Programmer Reference Manual
320725-01 ESP-488TL Software Reference Manual for TNT4882
Note: If you are designing a device with the TNT4882 chip, you should download this manual and the ESP-488TL source code package, which includes all the required code to design a GPIB device with HS488 capability.

320775-01 NAT9914 Reference Manual
320744B-01 NAT7210 Reference Manual
320383-01 NAT4882 Programmer Reference Manual
321418A-01 NI-488DDK Software Reference Manual
320030-01 GPIB-1014 User Manual
320140-01 GPIB-1014D User Manual
320049-01 GPIB-1014DP User Manual
320026-01 GPIB-1014P User Manual

Register-Level Application Notes

AN095 Writing Functional Self-Tests for the TNT4882 GPIB Interface Chip
TN039 Factors to Consider When Clocking the TNT4882 at Frequencies Less Than 40 MHz
AN077 Using the TNT4882 in an 8051-Family-Microcontroller-Based System
AN073 Using the TNT4882 in an MC68340 System
AN096 Using HS488 to Improve GPIB System Performance

AN063 Porting a 9914 Design to Use the TNT4882
AN110 Designing a GPIB Device Using the NAT9914

AN089 Porting a GPIB Interface Design Using the NEC µPD7210 to the TNT4882

TN035 NAT4882 CLOCK Signal Considerations
TN036 NAT4882 Pin Description Supplement
TN037 NAT4882 GPIB Synchronization Detection Supplement

KnowledgeBase Entries

General Chips
KnowledgeBase 0IC911VD: GPIB ASICs Available from National Instruments

KnowledgeBase 0ZU47OQA: Can I use a 40-Mhz crystal oscillator to driver the clock signal on the
TNT4882 chip?

KnowledgeBase 17HA3NQA: Why does the TNT4882 T/L chip not send out the entire buffer?
KnowledgeBase 0VDFL0RY : How can I configure the TNT4882 to use the generic pin configuration
or the ISA pin configuration?

KnowledgeBase 0O8A7LGJ: Ordering Chip Sockets for the TNT4882

KnowledgeBase 11O7MUQA: NAT9914 Reference Manual discrepancies

KnowledgeBase 0W97EBVD: In the ESP Code for the GPIB-1014, What Does dma_addr() Do?
KnowledgeBase TMG9CVD: GPIB-1014 Timing Problem with Sparc 10HS-66-32 Boards

Related Links:
White Paper: Writing Functional Self-Tests for the TNT4882 GPIB Interface Chip


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Last Updated: 09/28/2017
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