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How to Configure the Vertical Range Per Channel of My National Instruments Digitizer?

Hardware: Modular Instruments>>High-Speed Digitizers (Scopes)

I have an NI-SCOPE device and would like to adjust the Channel 0 vertical range independently of the Channel 1 vertical range. I have tried using the niScope Configure Vertical VI but it changes the settings for both channels. How can I change the vertical ranges independently?

The vertical range for both channels can be configured with multiple instances of the niScope Configure Vertical VI or by using property nodes. Each instance of the configuration VI has a required input, Active Channel, that designates which channel to apply the property to. Figure 1 shows the vertical range of Channel 0 configured as 1 Vpk-pk, followed by the vertical range of Channel 1 configured as 10 Vpk-pk.
Figure 1. niScope Configure Vertical VI

The same effect can be achieved by using property nodes, as seen in Figure 2. This method is more compact, as both channels can be configured with one property node.
Figure 2. niScope Property Nodes

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