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Which Experts Are Valid Inputs for System Configuration API Functions?

Primary Software: Utility Software>>NI System Configuration API
Primary Software Version: 5.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Driver Software>>NI-DAQ, Driver Software>>NI-488.2, Driver Software>>NI-Serial

I am trying to use the Find, Export, or Import functions from the System Configuration API in LabVIEW. What are valid strings for the Experts input terminal/parameter?

To get all of the available Experts terminal/parameter strings on a system, you can call the Get System Experts VI in the System Configuration API. This VI returns a string array of all the available Experts strings on the selected system.

The following table is a list of supported product lines and their associated Experts input strings. Note that some product lines may only be used with either the System Configuration Find or the Export/Import VIs, while others may be used with both. You may also leave the input empty to include all supported products.

Product Line
Programmatic Name Works with Find Works with Import/Export
 CANopen  ni-canopen
 cRIO**  crio  
 Network Discovery Expert (mDNS)  network  
 NI FlexRIO*  niflexrio  
 NI-488.2  ni-488.2
 NI-568x  ni-rfpowermeter  
 NI-845x  845x  
 NI-DAQmx  daqmx
 NI-DCPOWER  dcpowerscx  
 NI-DCPOWER  nidcpower416x  
 NI-DMM  nidmmscx  
 NI-DMM  nidmm408x  
 NI-OSI  ni-osi  
 NI-PTP  ni-1588  
 NI-PXImc  ni-pximc
 NI-RIO  ni-rio
 NI-RTSI  rtsi  
 NI-Serial  serial
 NI-Sync***  ni-sync  
 NI-VISA  ni-visa
 NI-VNA  nivna  
 NI VST  ni-vst  
 NI-WSN  ni-wsn
 NI-XNET  xnet  
 PXI Platform Services
 SoftMotion  mcSysApi  
 NI-SLSC  slsc  
*NI FlexRIO hardware was accessed through the NI-RIO expert prior to 2014
**With CompactRIO 14.1, the cRIO expert only supports acquiring temperature data on the sbRIO-9651.
***NI-Sync hardware is accessed through the NI-Sync expert on Linux desktop and LinuxRT systems. On Windows systems, NI-Sync hardware can be accessed through the NI-DAQmx expert.

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Report Date: 11/16/2010
Last Updated: 10/06/2017
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