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Data Type Declarations Supported In a LabVIEW Formula Node

Primary Software: LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Full Development System
Primary Software Version: 6.0.2
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

What are the data type declarations supported by the LabVIEW formula node?

The LabVIEW formula node syntax is similar to that of the C programming language. The following data type declarations are supported:

Integer types:
  • int
  • int8
  • int16
  • int32
  • uInt8
  • uInt16
  • uInt32
Floating point types:
  • float
  • float32
  • float64

Please note the capital 'i' in the unsigned integer data types.

For more information about formula node syntax, refer to the Formula Node Syntax manual (linked below).

To learn more about formula nodes and their usage in general, refer to the Formula Nodes manual and the white paper Tutorial: MathScript and Formula Nodes (linked below).

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Report Date: 06/22/2001
Last Updated: 09/12/2017
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