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Using the LabVIEW to Scilab Gateway with the LabVIEW Application Builder

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers

How do I create an executable which contains a Scilab script node ?

LabVIEW depends on a DLL to connect to Scilab. Standalone LabVIEW-built applications that use the LabVIEW to Scilab Gateway software must include this DLL in the DLL support folder of the LabVIEW run-time engine. The following steps explain how to do so:
  1. Include LabVIEW\resource\script\ScriptScilab.dll in your LabVIEW project.
  2. In the application Build Specification properties, select the Source Files category. Add ScriptScilab.dll to the Dynamic VIs and Support Files section at the bottom.
These two steps will ensure this file is included in the files for the built application. Now, on any machine you intend to run the application (including the machine you used to build the application), perform the following step:

1. From the build folder, copy
dataScriptScilab.dll to the script folder of the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. For LabVIEW 8.6, this folder is located at :
Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Run-Time\8.6\script

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