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What Happens If There Are Multiple Startup Executables On My Real Time Controller?

Hardware: Compact FieldPoint

Is it possible to have two startup executables on my real time controller? If I do have two startup executables, which one gets executed?

It is possible to have two startup executables in your real time controller by making the names of the startup executables unique. However, only one startup executable will be functional at a time.

If you deploy two executables, only the second one will be executed on startup. Since there is just one ni-rt.ini file, the deployment of the second executable will overwrite the ni-rt.ini from the first executable with the ini file of the second one.

The token associated with the startup executable in the ini file is


where startup is the name of your first startup executable. If you enter another token in the same ni-rt.ini file called


for your second startup executable, the startup executable that will be executed will be the last one from top down in the ini file. This means if


is placed before


startup.rtexe will be executed when the controller is turned on.

The ni-rt.ini will contain information only from startup executables deployed to the controller from LabVIEW, as transferring the application to the controller with FTP does not modify the ni-rt.ini file.

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Report Date: 08/28/2008
Last Updated: 10/26/2012
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