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RESMAN Hangs and Locks Up My Computer

Hardware: VXI/VME/MXI>>MXI Interfaces>>VXI-MXI-2

I have a VXI-MXI controller and a PCI-MXI-2 interface card, every time I try to run RESMAN it hangs and locks up my computer. If I unplug the MXI cable or turn off the VXI chassis, my computer system will resume. Why is this happening?

The detail to this problem is that, very likely, the BERR (bus error) line on the backplane is not being asserted. Most likely, this is caused in the case of no bus timeout being set. The typical bus timeout for VXI buses should be around 500 us, depending on what devices are on the bus.

To set the VXI bus timeout, you can go to Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), Devices and Interfaces, right click on the "VXI System" entry and select Hardware Configuration. The Hardware Configuration Window will pop up, go to the VXI Bus tab and set the bus timeout there.

This failure could also be caused by a bent pin. Please check both ends of the cable that connects the VXI-MXI-2 and PCI-MXI-2 carefully.

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Report Date: 02/01/2005
Last Updated: 09/29/2017
Document ID: 3I0DUMIT

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