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How Can I Stop the Execution Window from Appearing in TestStand?

Primary Software: TestStand
Primary Software Version: 2014
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I want to be able to run a sequence without showing the Execution Window. I disabled tracing, but the Execution Window still appears. How can I stop it from being displayed altogether?

An Execution Window always appears when you run a sequence. This is true even when tracing and report generation are disabled. In some cases, you might prefer not to show the Execution Window at all when running a sequence using a specific entry point (e.g., Single Pass or Test UUTs). Follow these steps to accomplish this behavior:
  1. Disable Tracing by navigating to Configure » Station Options and disabling the Enable Tracing option in the Execution menu.
  2. Open the Process Model you will use and select an entry point sequence (e.g., Test UUTs) in the Sequences pane.
  3. Navigate to Edit » Sequence Properties and select the Model tab. Check the Hide Entry Point Execution checkbox.
  4. Save the Process Model and run your sequence using the entry point whose properties you've just changed.
If you are developing using either the Batch or the Parallel Process Models, there is a second option available to disable the Execution Window. For both of these models, there is a checkbox available when you select Configure»Model Options called Hide Execution Windows that will behave similarly to the solution above.

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