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Archived: ECU Measurement & Calibration Toolkit and USB-CAN Hardware

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

Primary Software: ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit
Primary Software Version: 1.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Driver Software>>NI-CAN

Can I use my USB-CAN with the ECU Measurement & Calibration Toolkit?

The ECU Measurement & Calibration Toolkit versions 2.1 and later have been updated to use the Frame API. The ECU Measurement & Calibration Toolkit 2.0 and previous are based on the NI-CAN Channel API.

The USB-CAN hardware only supports the Frame API . Therefore, version 2.1 of the Toolkit can be used with the USB 847x devices.

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Report Date: 01/31/2007
Last Updated: 05/06/2014
Document ID: 45UELAJL

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