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Installing NI-DAQmx Examples for LabWindows/CVI

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers

How do I install the NI-DAQmx examples for LabWindows/CVI?

How you install these examples depends on whether or not you have already installed NI-DAQmx on your computer. Choose the procedure below that corresponds with your situation.

Installing the NI-DAQmx examples for LabWindows/CVI as part of the original installation of NI-DAQmx:

Launch the NI-DAQmx installer. Since LabWindows/CVI is already installed, the installer should automatically select to add support for LabWindows/CVI. You can verify that LabWindows/CVI Support is selected to be installed from the Features tree (NI-DAQmx ADE Support»LabWindows/CVI).

Installing the NI-DAQmx examples for LabWindows/CVI when NI-DAQmx was previously installed on your computer:

  1. Go to My Computer»Control Panel»Add or Remove Programs»National Instruments Software»NI-DAQmx ADE Support.

  2. Select Modify to modify this installation after selecting NI-DAQmx ADE Support.  A pop-up window may ask you to select the driver installation path.

  3. In the Features tree, expand the Application Development Support section and click on LabWindows/CVI Support, as shown in the  figure below. Choose the Install this feature to a local hard drive option.

  4. Click Next to go to the Selection Confirmation screen, and click Next again to install these files.

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