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Can I Capture Actions I Perform in DIAdem in a Script File?

Primary Software: DIAdem
Primary Software Version: 2011
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I am would like to create a DIAdem script to automate common actions, but I am unfamiliar on how to program this.  Is it possible to record the actions that I perform to automatically create a script?

DIAdem offers a Recording Mode to allow you to capture any actions that you perform in a script file.  You can use this script file that you created to repeat these actions directly or you can use it as a starting place to develop your own custom script.  Using Recording Mode is a good way to become familiar with the different variables and commands used in DIAdem Scripting.

To enable recording mode, navigate to the DIAdem SCRIPT pane.  Then select the Enable Recording Mode button in the SCRIPT Toolbar to begin recording your script.  This will launch a dialog to allow you to configure information about the script your are about to record.  You can enter your name in the Author: field, any comments you have about the script in the Comment: field, and then lastly select how DIAdem records any files used in the script.

The Only filename option specifies DIAdem to record the names of files used, but not their paths, Absolute path specifies DIAdem to record the name and path of any files used, and Path Variable specifies that DIAdem declare a vector variable in the recorded script and assigns any paths used to this variable.

When you have finished configuring these settings for your script, select the OK button and begin the actions that you would like to record.  When you are finished, select the Disable Recording Mode  button in the script Toolbar.  You will see script populated in the SCRIPT panel that is titled TeachIn(x), where x is the number of scripts you have created at this time. 

DIAdem records most actions during the recording process, however there are some pieces of information that you will need to manually add to your script.  For instance, DIAdem does not generally record any variable assignments to program variables.  To record the assignment of these values in versions of DIAdem prior to 2014, you can press Ctrl-A to automatically write these values to your script.  Additionally, you can press Ctrl-A while not in recording mode to capture variable values from any dialog box.  In DIAdem 2014, Ctrl-A functionality is replaced by Ctrl-Shift-C. For additional information on what items are not recorded by DIAdem SCRIPT Recording Mode, please read the Recording Mode topic in the DIAdem help.

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Report Date: 07/31/2000
Last Updated: 07/16/2015
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