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Archived: How to Revert Back to Old Versions of a VI Using Perforce with LabVIEW

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

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Primary Software Version: 8.6
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I am using Perforce Source Code Control (SCC) to check in/out VIs to make edits.  I would like to revert back to an old copy of my VI, but LabVIEW will not let me.  When I try to check the VI in, LabVIEW says that this version is out of date, and prompts me to sync to the head version (last saved version) of the VI before editing.  I do not want to sync to the head version.  I want to go back to the old version.  How can I do this?

Perforce purposely does not let you edit an old changelist so that it can keep a history of edits to the project.  You must sync files back to the version that you want to revert back to, and then check them back in.  You can do this in Perforce by:
  1. Sync to previous revision of the project, and the ones that precede it.
  2. Open these files for edit.
  3. Resolve the files so that the version you are reverting back to is the new head version.
  4. Submit the changelist.
A step by step list of commands to perform this from the Perforce command line can be found at the following link: Backing Out Submitted Changelists. After performing these steps, you will be able to open the old version of your VI in LabVIEW.

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Report Date: 05/09/2008
Last Updated: 04/13/2017
Document ID: 4L8FUP1V

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