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Design Error: Pin X From Part X In Net X Is Missing From Shape X in Ultiboard

Primary Software: Electronics Workbench>>Ultiboard
Primary Software Version: 12.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: 12.0.1
Secondary Software: Electronics Workbench>>Multisim


I'm working with a part in Ultiboard that its Multisim symbol includes simulation-only pins (i.e. no footprint pin is assigned), when I transfer my design to Ultiboard for layout, I get the following DRC error:

Design error: Pin "5" from part "U1"(TEst) in net "5" is missing from shape "BATTERY".

Screen capture of error in Ultiboard:


Why is this triggering a DRC error and how do I fix it?


In Multisim there will be many parts which include simulation-only pins, here's an example:


Tj and Tc are only used for enhanced simulation. These simulation-only pins do not have a footprint pin assigned to them and in Ultiboard 12.0.0 and prior if you transfer the design you will get the referenced DRC error. You can check what version of Ultiboard you have by going to Help » About Ultiboard.

NOTE: In the case of symbol pins that are not mapped to any footprint pin, please confirm that they are simulation-only pins. Otherwise they may in fact be an error and they are missing the corresponding footprint pin for layout, if the latter is the case you may edit the part to fix the mapping.

In order to clear the error from the DRC tab in Ultiboard, you can try any of these options (in order of preference):

  • Use the Tools » Netlist Editor to find and delete this pin assignment from the corresponding net.
  • Right-click the DRC error and select to ignore it.
  • Simply disregard the error and continue working, you can still export your design for manufacturing.

In Ultiboard 12.0.1 and later, the transfer from Multisim to Ultiboard will no longer create a netlist item for the pins without a footprint pin mapped to them, therefore no DRC error will be triggered. This has always been the case for virtual parts used only in simulations and is now replicated for this simulation-only pins.

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Report Date: 09/21/2012
Last Updated: 09/21/2012
Document ID: 61KBF7XL

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