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Archived: Applying FieldPoint IAK Settings to a FieldPoint Real-Time Controller

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

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I have developed a LabVIEW Real-Time application that I would like to run on my [c]FP-2xxx controller (FieldPoint or Compact FieldPoint) . However, I have a few questions about how the FieldPoint configuration is transferred to the controller
  1. How do I apply the IAK file settings to my controller?
  2. How do I retrieve the settings for another computer connected to my controller?
  3. How do I import MAX IAK file to my LabVIEW project?
  4. What is the best way to distribute this file to other machines running FieldPoint Explorer (FieldPoint 3.0.2 or earlier) or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) (FieldPoint 4.0+)?

These questions are answered in order:
  1. By default, the FieldPoint IAK file is applied to the controller when it is saved.

    • In MAX (FieldPoint 4.0+):
      • To verify that this will occur by default:
        • Navigate to Tools»FieldPoint and be certain that a check is placed next to the Download Item Names on Save.
      • To manually apply the configuration in MAX:
        • Right click the Controller Comm Resource located under My System»Data Neighborhood»FieldPoint Items.
        • Select Download item names.

    • In FieldPoint Explorer (FieldPoint 3.0.2 and earlier):
      • To verify that this will occur by default:
        • Make sure Options»Download Configuration on Save is checked.
      • To download the configuration manually:
        • Right click on the controller in the configuration tree and select Download Configuration.

  2. The configuration information that is stored on the controller after the configuration has been downloaded can be retrieved to the local machine:

    • In Measurement & Automation Explorer (FieldPoint 4.0+):
      • Right click the controller under Remote Systems and select Find Devices. This will determine the modules that are connected to the controller and setup information like the range, power-up states, and watchdog configuration. 

      • In FieldPoint Explorer (FieldPoint 3.0.2 and earlier):
        • Right click the controller, located under IA Server with OPC»FieldPoint, select Edit This Comm Resource.
        • Click on Find Devices.

  3. If you already have a FieldPoint system or systems configured in MAX, you can import your configuration file to a new project in LabVIEW. Complete the following steps:

    • Right-click the Project Name in the configuration tree and select Import»FieldPoint Configuration.

    • Browse to the location of the IAK file, select it, and click Open.

    When you import a configuration file, LabVIEW makes a copy of the file for the project and automatically saves the file when you change the project. The original configuration file remains unchanged.

  4. If distributing an application to other computers, explicitly add the IAK file to the project and then load it into memory.  When you add a FieldPoint target to a project and save the project, an IAK file with the same name as the project is created and resides in the same directory as the project file.  Add this IAK file to your project by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting Add»File....

    An alternative method would be to FTP the IAK file to the FieldPoint target, and obtain the IAK file from other PCs via FTP.

NOTE: FieldPoint Real-Time targets do not have an IAK file.  When an IAK file setting is downloaded to a controller, the settings are applied to various ini files residing on the controller.

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Report Date: 06/25/2002
Last Updated: 04/30/2009
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