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Update Firmware on 951x Drive Interface Modules

Hardware: CompactRIO>>Drive Interface Modules

How do I update the firmware on a 951x Drive Interface Module?

Please be aware that these instructions only apply to targets running VxWorks or Pharlap operating systems. Targets running Linux RTOS are not able to update firmware on the NI 951x modules. The module firmware may be updated on a target running VxWorks or Pharlap, then the module may be moved to a Linux target.

Before downloading firmware to the NI 951x module ensure that the chassis is configured for Scan Interface Mode and that the NI Scan Engine is in the Configuration mode.  Use the NI Distributed System Manager to view and configure the scan engine mode or use the Get Scan Engine Mode and Set Scan Engine Mode VIs to read and set the scan engine mode programmatically.

Complete the following steps to download firmware to the module.
  1. Right-click the NI 951x module in the Project Explorer window and select Properties from the shortcut menu to open the C Series Module Properties dialog box.
  2. Click Check Version.  The 951x Firmware Update Utility checks the firmware version on the module and displays the version number in the Firmware Version on Module field.  To upgrade firmware on the module, check that the version is less than the version displayed in the Available Firmware Version field.
  3. Click Download.  The firmware on the host is transferred to the module.  This process may take several minutes.  If the firmware update process is interrupted during transfer by removing the module or disconnecting power, click Download to restart the transfer.

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