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Create Disconnected License Files for a Single User in NI VLM

Primary Software: NI Volume License Manager
Primary Software Version: 2.1.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

How can I create disconnected license files for a user-based license?

Complete the following steps to create a disconnected license file for a single user:

For VLM 3.1:  Refer to the help manual regarding Disconnected License Files.

For VLM 3.0:  Refer to the help manual regarding Disconnected License Files.

For VLM 2.1.1 and earlier:
  1. Open NI VLM.
  2. Ensure that your license file contains a user-based license. User based licenses will say Named-User next to the product name.  

    If the computer to disconnect is already listed in VLM, skip to step 5.
  3. Click the Add Computer button to create the computer(s) that the generated disconnected license file(s) will be used on, and fill in the computer's information.
  4. Click the Users tab, and put a check next to the user that you previously created, as shown below.  Click OK.  Repeat steps 3-4 for additional computers if needed.  

  5. You will now be able to right-click on the computer(s) and select Disconnect to create a disconnected license file(s).  As the computer is associated with a single user, only a single seat will be consumed.

Note: The disconnected license file will not affect the existing user's permissions. The user will still be able to check out licenses from NI VLM over the network.

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Report Date: 06/28/2010
Last Updated: 02/22/2017
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