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Solder Mask is Not Exported to Gerber for Custom Pad Shapes

Primary Software: Electronics Workbench>>Multisim
Primary Software Version:
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

Problem: There is currently a defect in Ultiboard that for some Rounded Rectangular Pad shapes, the Solder Mask layers do not get exported to Gerber. 


Identify the issue:

Take this custom pad as an example.

Custom Pad Ultiboard

To make sure that the issue exists, enable the Solder Mask Top Layer and check if the Solder Mask appears.

Solder Mask Layer Ultiboard

Notice that although the Solder Mask Top Layer is enabled, nothing is showing up.

Prepare for Export:

At this point, you can export the remaining layers for your board to Gerber except the Solder Mask Top and Solder Mask Bottom layers because they will not show the required information for these parts.

After the export is completed, disable all the Copper layers for your board from the Design Toolbox and enable the Solder Mask Top layer as shown below:

 Design Toolbox

Right-click the problematic part and select In-place Part Edit. Notice that the Solder Mask becomes visible.


Go to Edit » In-place Part Edit. Notice that the Solder Mask is now visible for all the Custom Pads in this Part. Repeat this procedure for other problematic parts. Now you are ready to Export the Solder Mask Top Layer.

You will then need to follow the same procedure for the Solder Mask Bottom layer.

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Report Date: 08/01/2012
Last Updated: 08/02/2012
Document ID: 60097EO4

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