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SRL Lease Activation for Alliance Partners

Primary Software: Other NI Software>>NI License Manager
Primary Software Version: 3.7
Primary Software Fixed Version: 3.7
Secondary Software: N/A

I am an Alliance Partner with a Software Reference Library (SRL) license, and I have questions, concerns, or problems with my activation. What software am I entitled to and how long does activation remain valid?

As of July 2013, SRL uses the Lease Activation model. With Lease Activation, software activation will expire when the SRL service expires. After you have extended your service contract, you can reactivate the license using the following procedure:
  1. Open NI License Manager.
  2. Right-click on the license.
  3. Select Reactivate.

Activating Older Software
To activate older software (Pre-NI Week 2012) using an SRL serial number, you must use NI License Manager 3.7 or later. If you have an earlier version of NI License Manger you might see an error saying the serial number does not correspond to any of the products you are trying to activate. Download the latest version of NI License Manager and try to activate again with the same serial number.

Computer ID changed
If your computer ID has recently changed, a red exclamation point will appear next to your licenses in NI License Manager, as shown in the following screenshot.

You can reactivate these licenses using your SRL serial number by right-clicking then selecting Activate.

If you have any errors or issues activating or reactivating your licenses, create a service request and provide the following files:
  • A screenshot of NI License Manager with all nodes expanded.
  • A ZIP file that contains your license files. Refer to KnowledgeBase 588I956C for the location of your license files.

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Report Date: 08/13/2013
Last Updated: 04/04/2017
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