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Upgrading to the Latest Version of NI I/O Trace

Primary Software: Utility Software>>NI I/O Trace
Primary Software Version: 14.0.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I have an old version of NI I/O Trace (previously known at NI Spy) and would like to update it. Where can I find the latest version of NI I/O Trace?

NI I/O Trace cannot be installed separately. It comes bundled with various NI drivers, including: You can install the latest driver software version, which will install the latest version of NI I/O Trace.

You can find all the latest drivers in the Downloads section of the National Instruments Technical Support page. 

NI I/O Trace also installs with the NI System Configuration API, which is one of the smallest installation packages you can download from NI's website. You can find the latest version NI System Configuration by searching

Note: The latest version of NI I/O Trace, as of August 2016, is NI I/O Trace version 16.0.

There are two ways for you to determine the current version of NI I/O Trace that you have installed:
  • From within NI I/O Trace, go to the Help » About I/O Trace.

  • From within Measurement & Automation Explorer » Software Tab » NI I/O Trace x.x

NI I/O Trace 16.0 in NI MAX

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