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Why does my Real-Time Target show "Inconsistent IP Settings" in NI MAX

Primary Software: LabVIEW Modules>>LabVIEW Real-Time Module
Primary Software Version: 8.5.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I cannot FTP to my real-time target, connect to it through LabVIEW, or change the network adapter settings for the target. I noticed Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) identifies the System State as "Connected - Inconsistent IP Settings." What does this mean and how do I fix it?

MAX identifies a remote system as "Connected - Inconsistent IP Settings" when the host machine has a static IP but the target has a link-local IP address. This conflicting system setup creates network problems between the host and target, which is why FTP and LabVIEW fail to connect.

An example of this problem is shown below.

To fix this problem, try the following steps:
  • Try deleting the device from MAX by right-clicking on the remote target in MAX and clicking Delete. Refresh MAX to allow it to find the remote target.
  • Set the target to a static IP address. To do so, click on the remote target in MAX, open the Network Settings tab, and choose Static under Configure IPv4 Address. If you are not able to configure the IP address, reset the IP address to a default IP address and configure it to use a static IP address on the same subnet as the host machine. Consult your device's operating instructions to determine how to perform an IP reset.

  • To find your computer's IPv4 address (keep all numbers the same except the final number), Subnet Mask, DNS server and Gateway you should go to Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center> Local Area Connection (Or whichever Connection you are using to connect to the internet or the network) One that is open click Details... (see below)
  • If you are unable to change the network adapter settings for the remote target even after an IP reset, you can instead temporarily change the network settings for your Host PC. To do this, set the IPv4 Properties in the Local Area Connection Properties for your network adapter such that the Host and Target are on the same subnet. After applying the changes to your target as per the above bullet point, revert the Host PC's adapter settings to their desired values. 

Note: Remote devices showing Inconsistent IP Settings is a known issue in NI MAX 16.0.0 (NI System Configuration 16.0). This was reported as ID 598531 and has been fixed in the NI System Configuration 16.0.1 Patch.

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Report Date: 08/05/2008
Last Updated: 09/29/2017
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