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Remote Panel Not Refreshed When Using Server Push Updating and Internet Explorer

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 1.0.1
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I am monitoring my user interface on the web with the LabWindows/CVI Internet Toolkit. When I program my application to use Server Push updates, the images on my webpage are not displayed or refreshed. What is the difference between Server Push and Client Pull updates, and why am I seeing this behavior?

The difference between Server Push and Client Pull updates is:
When Server Push updates are used, the web server sends data to the web browser. The browser then displays the received data, but leaves the web connection open. The web connection is closed only when the client interrupts the connection, or when the server terminates the connection.

When Client Pull technology is used, the server sends data to the web browser including information about when the webpage should be refreshed. This information is included in a HTTP response or in the document header. The client immediately closes the web connection once data is received from the server. The client then opens a new connection when the webpage needs to be refreshed, according to the information in the HTTP response or document header.

Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support Server Push updates, while Netscape does. In order to use Internet Explorer to view programs remotely with the CVI Internet Toolkit, you must use Client Pull updates in the INET_RegisterPanelAutoUpdate() function.

The following line of code displays how to set up the Internet Toolkit webserver to use Client Pull updates:
updateHandle = INET_RegisterPanelAutoUpdate (webHandle, panelHandle,INET_UPDATE_CLIENTPULL,"Simple.jpg","index.html", 1, 0);

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Report Date: 02/28/2005
Last Updated: 03/07/2005
Document ID: 3IRE7MK7

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