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Generate Digital Waveforms Saved by the Digital Waveform Editor

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers

I need to generate a waveform created by Digital Waveform Editor. What methods are available?

The Digital Waveform Editor (DWE) stores waveforms in the Hierarchical Waveform Storage (HWS) file format. When created or saved by DWE, each waveform is placed in a unique file with blank group and waveform names. (The group name and waveform name are each empty strings.) There are several ways to access the data in this file from your HSDIO application:

Using the NI-HWS API with the NI-DAQmx API:
You can read the waveform information using the NI-HWS API, which is provided as a subpalette to the NI-HSDIO API. These functions provide access to all features of the HWS file format. If you are using a DAQmx supported device (i.e. 653x devices), the niHWS Retrieve Waveform VI can be used to get the data for use by the NI-DAQmx Write VI.


Using the NI-HWS API with NI-HSDIO API:
Similar to the above, except using the NI-HSDIO API. The niHWS Retrieve Waveform VI can be used to get the data for use by the niHSDIO Write Named Waveform VI.

Using the NI-HSDIO API:
The niHSDIO Write Named Waveform VI is polymorphic, and one of its instances allows you to read the data directly from an HWS file. The example program called Read HWS File and demonstrates this use.

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