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NI CB-68LPR Connector Block Pinout Mapping to NI DAQ Board

Hardware: Counter/Timers (TIO)>>Connectivity>>CB-68LPR, Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>Connector Blocks>>CB-68LPR

The connectors on my CB-68LPR connector block are labeled "J1", "J10", etc, but the pins on my data acquisition (DAQ) board are lableled "1", "2", etc. What is the mapping of these pins?

The pins map 1-to-1. For example, pin "J10" on the CB-68LPR corresponds to pin 10 on the 68-pin connector of your DAQ board. See the picture below showing the layout of the terminals for the CB-68LPR.


Note: In order to determine which pin corresponds to each physical channel on your DAQ device, you should consult your device's manual.  The pinout for each of the DAQ device families (i.e. E Series, M Series, etc.) is different due to different capabilities.

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