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Using IVI Driver to Control PXI Modular Instruments

Primary Software: Instrument Drivers/IVI>>IVI Class Driver
Primary Software Version: N/A
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A
Hardware: Modular Instruments

I can use an IVI driver to control a third-party instrument. Can I create an IVI driver session to control my National Instruments modular instrument, such as a DMM or Scope?

You can create a new IVI driver session in the NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX) to control a NI modular instrument. The following steps show how to do this for an NI-DMM:

  1. Right-click on Driver Sessions under IVI Drivers tree item and select Create New. For our NI-DMM example, we are going to name the driver session PXI-40XX.

  2. Ensure that the newly create PXI-40XX driver session is selected, and select the Hardware tab near the bottom of the NI MAX window. Click the Add button to add a new Hardware Asset, and manually add the resource descriptor as the DAQmx or Traditional DAQ descriptor (e.g. Dev1, PXI1Slot2, myDMM).

  3. Next, select the Software tab (next to the Hardware tab) and choose NIDMM as the Software Module.

  4. You will now need to create a new logical name. Right-click on Logical Names under the IVI Drivers tree item and select Create New. Rename the new Logical Name to "DMM IVI."  Select PXI-40XX as the Driver Session.

  5. Save the configuration by selecting Save IVI Configuration near the top of the window.

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Report Date: 08/07/2008
Last Updated: 10/03/2017
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