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Disable USB in LabVIEW Real-Time 8.2 and Later Versions

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 8.2
Primary Software Fixed Version: 8.2
Secondary Software: N/A

I do not use any USB hardware on my real-time target. I would like to disable the feature in LabVIEW Real-Time to increase performance of my PCI / PXI hardware targets. How do I disable USB in LabVIEW Real-Time 8.2 and later for these hardware targets?

A feature introduced with LabVIEW RT 8.2 is the ability to boot from and store data to a USB drive. However, for some systems, the USB interrupt may be shared with other NI hardware on the PCI / PXI bus, thus decreasing the performance of retrieving data from the hardware. This can happen even if no USB hardware is installed. The solution is to disable USB support on the target if it is not needed.

There are two steps to disable the USB support.  In most cases step one is adequate, but step two may also be nescessary.
  1. Disable the USB support in the BIOS.  Each system is different, but generally at boot up there is an option to boot into the system BIOS by pressing a key.  Then there is a selection to disable USB support.
  2. Disable USB support by changing the real-time initialization file.  To do this, you must add a token to the NI-RT.ini file which is located on the RT target. You can access it via ftp://targetIPaddress/. In the [SystemSettings] section of /ni-rt.ini, set EnableUSB=FALSE save the file and reboot the system.

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Report Date: 07/14/2006
Last Updated: 06/26/2007
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