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What Are the Specifications and Manufacturers for NI DAQ Board Mating Connectors?

Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)

What are the specifications and manufacturers for the 68 and 100- pin board mating connectors found on most PCIe/PCI/PXI/PXIe/AT NI data acquisition boards?

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Description NI P/N Manufacturer P/N
68-Position 0.050 Board Mount Connectors
68-Pos Right Angle PCB-Mount connector (Male) 777600-01

Tyco 2-5174225-5**
Tyco 2-174341-5

68-Pos Vertical PCB-Mount Connector (Male) 777601-01 Tyco 2-5174339-5**
68-Position 0.050 Cable Connectors
68-Pos IDC-Type Connector (Female) Tyco 5749699-7
Tyco 5786860-7
Backshell for 68-Pos IDC-Type Connector (Female) Tyco 5749195-2
68-Pos Solder-Cup Connector (Female) HONDA PCS-E68FS+
Backshell for 68-Pos Solder-Cup Connector (Female) HONDA PCS-E68LKAU2N (Jackscrews)
Kit for Above 2 Parts (68-Pos Solder-Cup Kit -Jackscrews) 776832-01
(1) 4 Piece Jackscrew Kits for Connecting Screw Latching Cables 187949-01

(10) 4 Piece Jackscrew Kits for Connecting Screw Latching Cables 187949-10

100-Position 0.050 Board-Mount Connectors
100-Pos Right Angle PCB-Mount Connector (Female) 777778-01 Tyco 5787169-9
100-Pos Vertical PCB-Mount Connector (Female) 777779-01 Tyco 5749070-9
100-Position 0.050 Cable Connectors
100-Pos IDC-Type Connector (Male)

Tyco 5749621-9
Tyco 1-750913-9

Backshell for 100-Pos IDC-Type Connector (male) w/ Jackscrews Tyco 5749081-1
Tyco 749854-1
0.8 mm VHDCI Board-Mount Connectors
68-Pos Right Angle Single Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle) MOLEX 71430-0013
68-Pos Right Angle Dual Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle) MOLEX 74337-0016
68 Pos Vertical Single Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle) 763083-01 ALL BEST
R- HS-008068-1 B
50-Pos Right Angle PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle) 761053-01 Tyco 5787096-1
0.8 mm VHDCI Cable Connectors
68-Pos Offset IDC Cable Connector (Plug) (SHC68-*) MOLEX 71425-3001
50-Pos Offset IDC Cable Connector (Plug) (SHC50-*) Tyco 5787131-1
Table for Different Connector Types

Please contact National Instruments for availability of parts that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. 

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