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Can I Use a Wireless USB Hub with My USB DAQ Device?

Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>Portable

When attempting to acquire data from a USB DAQ device using a wireless USB hub, code executes and returns data when using a software timed single sample acquisition, but fails with an error or crash when acquiring multiple samples using hardware timed finite or continuous sampling modes.

Is there a way to use a wireless USB hub with a USB DAQ device in finite or continuous mode?

National Instruments tests commercial wireless USB hubs as they are released to check if they work to our standards with USB DAQ devices.  We have not yet found a wireless hub that meets the full USB requirements and works to our satisfaction with our USB DAQ devices.  However, we will continue to test devices as they are released to determine if they meet our standards.

There is not a fully functional solution for acquiring multiple samples with a finite or continuous acquisition.  Some configurations will function properly at very low rates, but can be sporadic in their performance.  The source of the problem is that wireless USB hubs add latency that will not allow streaming of data from the device to the host computer.  Also, wireless USB hubs often access the USB stack in a non-traditional manner.

There are multiple methods that might be possible for situations where a wireless USB hub would typically be used.
  • National Instruments has Ethernet and Wireless DAQ devices that can be used for data streaming and remote monitoring. More information about wireless DAQ devices is linked below.
  • USB 2.0 cable extenders are available from a variety of vendors and can be used without much drop in performance. However, with certain USB chipsets we have noticed some issues with device recognition.
  • Control of the data acquisition device can also be achieved through remote system control.  The USB DAQ device can be connected to a remote computer where it can be controlled using a variety of methods like using Remote Desktop, VI Server, or LabVIEW Remote Panels.

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Report Date: 02/16/2008
Last Updated: 08/14/2017
Document ID: 4IF9BLPE

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