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Possible System Hang with Third Party PXI Modules for some NI PXI Systems with a 64-bit Operating System

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1073, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1062Q, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1071, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1082, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1065, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXIe-1075, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1033

National Instruments recently discovered a limitation with some NI PXI and PXIe chassis that may cause a system hang or crash if a PXI-1 or hybrid-compatible PXI module attempts 64-bit memory addressing transactions. This limitation is exposed in some PXI systems running a 64-bit Operating System (OS) and having more than 4 GB of system RAM. This limitation impacts PXI-1 and hybrid compatible PXI modules using 64-bit memory transactions only; there is no impact on PXIe modules.

The following chassis may exhibit this behavior if 64-bit memory addressing it used to communicate with a PXI-1 or hybrid compatible PXI module:
  • NI PXIe-1082
  • NI PXIe-1075
  • NI PXIe-1073
  • NI PXIe-1071
  • NI PXIe-1065
  • NI PXIe-1062Q
  • NI PXI-1033
Specifically, systems that expose this limitation are using an affected chassis listed above and using PXI hardware capable of 64-bit memory addressing and running with systems that meet one or more of the following conditions:
  • Running in 64-bit operating systems
  • Running 32-bit operating systems with “PAE mode” enabled.

The National Instruments drivers that could expose this limitation are listed below along with their workaround. National Instruments has modified the following drivers to work around this limitation:
  • NI-XNET: NI-XNET 1.5 and above works around this issue by preventing 64-bit transactions from occurring with NI-XNET cards. If you are using an NI-XNET card and meet the criteria above it is recommended that you upgrade the NI-XNET driver. You may download the latest version of this driver in the links below
  • NI-DeviceNet: Please contact National Instruments Support

All other National Instruments drivers that are not listed above do not expose this limitation and are able to work with possibly affected systems without issue.

If a third-party PXI-1 or hybrid compatible PXI device in your affected chassis uses 64-bit memory addressing please contact National Instruments Support for assistance in verifying that your system is affected and in finding a workaround for your application.

You can contact National Instruments Support via or by calling 1-866-275-6964 to create a service request with NI’s Applications Engineering department if you are in the United States or Canada. If you are outside the United States or Canada, contact your local NI office via

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience. National Instruments is committed to your satisfaction and to maintaining your confidence in our products. If you are not the end user of this product(s), please forward this KnowledgeBase to the user or provide National Instruments with information to help locate the user.

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Report Date: 01/29/2012
Last Updated: 02/04/2014
Document ID: 5TSLSBGF

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