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Archived: Motion Assistant Gives NI-Motion Driver Software/Firmware Incompatibility Error

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 1.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software:
Hardware: Motion Control>>Controllers

When I click the Add Step button and select a step in Motion Assistant I get the following error: Error: The NI-Motion driver software/firmware installed for this motion controller is incompatible with this version of NI Motion Assistant. Please update the driver software using the Drivers and Updates link at

One reason this error can occur is because of an incompatibility of the firmware on your motion controller card. To update the firmware you can open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), expand Devices and Interfaces, expand NI-Motion Devices, and click on your controller card. Next, select the Firmware tab at the bottom. Finally, click the Update Firmware button at the top of your screen.

If after updating your motion controller firmware you are still getting the error message, then another reason for this error could be an incompatibility of your version of the NI-Motion hardware driver and Motion Assistant. You can determine what version is compatible by locating your Release Notes in National Instruments\Motion Assistant\Help directory. To update this driver; go to and search for NI-Motion. Download and install the compatible version.

Another reason this error could occur is if you do not have a motion controller card in your system. You need to have either a physical PCI card or a simulated controller card. To verify if this is the case, open MAX and expand the Devices and Interfaces section. If you do not have a section for NI Motion Devices or if NI Motion Devices is empty, then there are no defined motion controller cards in your system. To alleviate this, add a simulated motion controller or install your physical motion controller card. To simulate a controller card, right-click on Devices and Interfaces»Create New...»Virtual NI Motion Devices and choose a motion controller that is closest to the one you want to use. Next click Finish. Now when you go into Motion Assistant and add a step, the error should be gone.

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Report Date: 02/12/2010
Last Updated: 08/22/2017
Document ID: 56B5O38Q

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