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How Can I Write a Timestamp with my Data to a Spreadsheet using LabVIEW?

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I want to include a time stamp as a column along with my data in a spreadsheet file in LabVIEW. How do I do this?

Since a spreadsheet file is a specialized type of text file, you need to first convert your data and time stamp into a string. You can do this in three steps:
  1. The time stamp must be wired to either a Get Date/Time or Format Date/Time

  2. Your data must be wired to a string/number conversion VI. Two possibilities are Number to Fractional for floating point numbers and Number to Decimal for integers.

  3. Finally, the data and time stamp strings must be joined into a string array. You can do this by wiring the time stamp string and number string to a Build

After the time stamp and array are in a string array, you can write it to a spreadsheet file. You can see a community example of the code below in the related links section below.

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Inserting Time Stamp into a Spreadsheetver80.viInserting Time Stamp into a Spreadsheetver85.viInserting Time Stamp into a

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