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How do I Play an AVI File from LabVIEW?

Primary Software: LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Full Development System
Primary Software Version: 1.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

How can I play an AVI file in LabVIEW on a Windows machine using either my NI-IMAQ software or using ActiveX controls?

You can easily use the Read AVI example VI (found in the NI Example Finder) to play an AVI file in LabVIEW.  This AVI functionality is available in NI-IMAQ 2.6 and later. The NI-IMAQ driver currently comes with the Vision Acquisition Software package.

To use ActiveX commands to play the movie in your choice of media software (Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc). See Developer Zone Tutorial: ActiveX and LabVIEW Tutorial to get started. There is also an example of using ActiveX controls to play an .avi file in Windows Media Player (or any other file extension that is supported in Windows Media Player) on the NI Developer Zone Community.

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Report Date: 01/20/1998
Last Updated: 04/09/2010
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