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How Do I Create Custom Run-Time Menus in LabVIEW?

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I want to customize my LabVIEW application by adding a Run-Time Menu. How do I integrate this feature into my program?

The following steps explain how to generate and implement a Custom Run-Time Menu (*.rtm) for your VIs:
  • Select Edit»Run-Time Menu from the pulldown menu of the VI.
  • Select Custom from the menu type list box in the Menu Editor dialog box.

  • Add menu items by selecting User Item as the item type from the Item Type list box, filling in the Item Name and Item Tag fields and clicking the add button. Continue adding items and organizing the custom menu as desired.

  • Use the yellow arrow buttons to create submenus, or move the location of created menu items.

  • Save the menu in the same directory as the VI by selecting File»Save As... from the pulldown menu.
  • Close the Menu Editor.
  • If you want to change the run-time menu at run-time, this can be done programmatically. Handle menu events using the functions from the Menu palette in conjunction with an Event structure. For additional information, refer to the related links below. 

When you run the VI, the menu for the front panel will use the custom menu you created.

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