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Error -1074397145: "No Interface Found." when Using GigE, USB or FireWire Camera

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 2.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Image Acquisition (IMAQ)>>IMAQ - DX Cards

I can successfully acquire from my GigE or FireWire camera in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), but when I try to do a snap or a grab in LabVIEW, I get an error message Error 1074397145: No Interface Found. I've wired up the Interface Name input and it matches the camera name in MAX.  Why do I still get this error?

This error can occur if you have used the IMAQ VIs instead of the IMAQdx VIs to try to acquire from your GigE, FireWire, or USB camera.  Ensure that you are using the IMAQdx VIs (such as IMAQdx Open Camera, IMAQdx Snap, IMAQdx Grab, etc) and not the IMAQ VIs (such as IMAQ Initialize, IMAQ Snap, etc). 

The IMAQdx VIs and IMAQ VIs correspond to the IMAQdx and IMAQ drivers. IMAQdx is used to acquire from FireWire (IEEE 1394), GigE Vision, and/or USB 2.0 (Microsoft DirectShow), USB3 Vision, and certain brands of IP cameras. IMAQ is used for acquisition from National Instruments frame grabbers used with analog, Parallel Digital, and CameraLink cameras.  IMAQ and IMAQdx VIs are not interchangeable.

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Report Date: 09/24/2009
Last Updated: 06/06/2014
Document ID: 51NHHT44

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