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What Are the Different Boot Options for National Instruments PXI Embedded Controllers?

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8156B, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8155, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8155B, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8156, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8170, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8174, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8175, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8176, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8184, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8185, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8186, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8187, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>PXI-8195, PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers>>NI 8350

I am trying to boot my National Instruments PXI embedded controller from another source. What options do I have?

The boot options for the various controllers are as follows:

Controller IDE Drive(1) Floppy Drive(2) USB Drive(3) SCSI Drive(4)
PXI-8350 Yes USB Floppy Yes Yes
PXIe-8103 Yes USB Floppy Yes Yes
PXI-8190 Series Yes USB Floppy Yes Yes
PXI-8180 Series Yes USB Floppy Yes Yes
PXI-8171 Series Yes Yes Yes Yes
PXI-8170 Yes Yes No Yes
PXI-8150B Yes Yes No Yes

  1. "IDE Drive" refers to any disk drive that is connected using the IDE bus. This includes IDE Hard Disk Drives, IDE Flash Drives, and IDE Floppy Drives.
  2. The PXI-8174, PXI-8180, and PXI-8190 series controllers do not have built in IDE floppy drives. To boot one of these controllers from a floppy disk, use a USB floppy drive.
  3. "USB Drive" refers to any drive connected using the USB bus. This includes USB Floppy Drives, USB CD ROM Drives, USB Hard Disk Drives, and USB Memory Sticks. Any USB drive that does not require special drivers should work. For a list of CD ROM Drives that have been verified to work with NI PXI controllers, please review KnowledgeBase 2C68O3YQ.
  4. To boot from a SCSI Disk Drive, you must use a PXI-SCSI adapter such as the PXI-8210 or the PXI-8214.

To select your boot method (and boot order) you will need to change some BIOS settings. For more information about your controller's BIOS, refer to the Product Manual for your controller. You can also refer to KnowledgeBase 1X0H52KS for information on how to make your PXI controller boot from a floppy disk.

Having USB or PCMCIA boot support does not guarantee an operating system can be run from that interface. Some operating systems (such as Windows) use bus management that prevents the OS from running from these interfaces. For more information, see Booting From a USB CD-ROM (or Hard Drive) on a PXI or VXI Controller

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Report Date: 08/24/2001
Last Updated: 12/21/2016
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