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Archived: Software-Timed Digital I/O Benchmarks with DAQmx

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

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Hardware: Digital I/O (DIO)>>Static>>PXI-6509, Digital I/O (DIO)>>Isolated>>PXI-6515, Digital I/O (DIO)>>Isolated>>PCI-6521, Digital I/O (DIO)>>Isolated>>PCI-6528

For software timed digital I/O applications, actual update rates seem to be inconsistent from one system to another.  Are there any software-timed benchmarks for specific digital I/O boards?

Linked below are benchmarks of some of the software-timed digital I/O boards. The transfer speeds are completely software/computer dependent. Rates vary due to programming language, code efficiency, driver version, CPU utilization, transfer methods, and so on.

The linked results are based on 10,000 updates, executed without software delays or data verification; generated values were toggled each iteration.  

Other software-timed DIO devices not included in the links below can be individually benchmarked using the attached program.

Note: If absolute determinism is a strict requirement for your digital I/O application, hardware timed, or correlated digital I/O is necessary.  This eliminates system dependencies as DIO lines are updated with a timing signal.  High Speed Digital I/O and M-series devices are options that allow hardware time DIO.  See the links below for more information.

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65xx Benchmarking Test.llb

Report Date: 12/20/2005
Last Updated: 02/03/2014
Document ID: 3SJ70CX6

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